Aerial photography makes you dream come true, makes you see new perspectives, and allows you to play with the geometry of...
Architecture has always been part of my life, first with studies and then with photography. I was lucky enough to study...
And now let immerse, in silence, in the nature, walking through woods, mountains and marshes, looking for some hidden wonders.Nature photography...
Nature is not a place to visit, it's our home.  (Gary Snyder)

Welcome to my world!

I will drive you into a fantastic journey where the light is magic and, while everything is flowing fast, the time stops in an instant leaving an remarkable image imprinted in the heart. I will show you the beauty, in all its forms and colors. We'll walk in the nature and I'll write with the light telling about its hidden wonders. We will get lost in the woods to find each other again... We will fly as hight as the Eagles to admire the ancient remains and to discover a new points of the view. Photography is passion, it is love, it is sharing! Are you ready? Let's go!
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