Krinaphoto of Cristina Annibali is a photo agency which offers photographic services, video, aerial photography by drone, graphics and post-production. Creativity, quality, reliability, sensitivity and precision are the cardinal principles on which Krinaphoto is based

These are the services offered:

Service by drone 
Video and aerial photographs taken by the APR Pilot and the SAPR Operator recognized by ENAC, with qualifications for Critical and not Critical Specialized Operations.
Photogrammetry and drone inspections.

Photo e video services (shooting and editing):

Photography and video of archaeological sites, monuments and historical artistic works to exploit the full potential of the territory.
Interior photography and video.

Photographic Books
Kids, maternity, beauty, fashion.

Furniture photography 
Exclusive images for interior design, with the possibility to customize dimensions and print media.

Food, clothin jewelry. Advertising photography for catalogs or E-commerce.

Photography and video documentaries to show the beauty of nature, in all its forms and colors, making the public aware of environmental problems.

Photography and video for public or private events: fairs, press conferences, congresses, concerts, fashion shows, theatrical performances, dance plays, weddings, birthdays, christenings, communions and confirmations.

Design and graphic realization of Brand Identity and corporate coordinates, logos, advertisements, catalogs, brochures, leaflets, merchandising and packaging.
Editorial graphic design such as magazines, books, newspapers.


Cristina Annibali

Born in Rome in 1978, interest in photography began as a child, when I borrowed my father’s equipment and tried to photograph plants and people. During the Architecture studies at “La Sapienza” of Rome, the passion for the photography became more and more important and the desire to photograph the perspectives of the buildings led me to attend the photography course at the “Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Adams”of Rome in 1998: this is where my visual path comes from, telling the world through the lens of the camera. I started to write with the light, at the begging trough the photography in black and white, passing whole day to develop rolls and to print photos in a dark room. Then the focus movies to the use of color films, to represent what most represents me and inspires me, nature and its beauty. From this moment on, photographic walks begin, steep mountain climbing, mimicry in the marshes, endless stalking to photograph animals and the long waiting for the right light to take on a breathtaking landscape. Photographing nature and animals relaxes me a lot, it’s a bit like meditating, you get in close contact with the surrounding environment, you listen to the sounds, smell the scents, slow down and find a beautiful inner peace. The moment is often so beautiful that, by emotions, I make me almost to forget to photograph it. The photography is emotion and the best photos are which you don’t take, but which you keep in your heart. With the epochal transition, in 2007 I opened the Krinaphoto photo agency, an agency that follows the events of the Capital, such as concerts, fashion shows, red carpet, political events and It offers various types of services, from photography to video, from post-production for aerial filming, to the graphics. At the same time, I continue to work on graphics and photography in an important publishing house in the children’s sector. Since 2013 I have been taking photographs and video clips for many foreign photo agencies (Shutterstock, Fotolia/Adobe Stock, Getty Images, Dreamstime, Bigstock, Deposithos, Alamy, 123RF, Pond5, Videoblocks, Crushpixel). Since 2015 I have been collaborating with the CoopCulture company producing photographs of archeology sites and museums, needed for audio-video guides (Terme di Caracalla 4D, Fori Imperiali, Castello Santa Severa, Museo del Mare e della Navigazione Antica di Santa Severa, Tempio di Giove di Terracina, Museo della Città, Le Favisse e Pio Copponi di Terracina, Villa Adriana a Tivoli, La Valle dei Templi e Museo Griffo di Agrigento, Cattedrale e Chiostro di Monreale, Appia Antica). Since 2018 I became an APR Pilot and SAPR Operator recognized by ENAC, with qualifications for Critical and Not Critical Specialized Operations.

Since 2019 I am again a member of AFNI, the Italian Naturalist Photographer Association.