And now let immerse, in silence, in the nature, walking through woods, mountains and marshes, looking for some hidden wonders.
Nature photography for me is a beauty, it is discovery, it is slowness, it is study, it is also a way of life … it help to me escape from everyday life, makes me find inner peace, makes me free as an eagle and I love freedom!
Traveling to distant places or photographing the bird in the home garden, always generate great emotions and lots of curiosity.
I like to listen to the sounds of nature, discover the songs of birds, discover a flower that has just blossomed, get up in the middle of the night to go and photograph the dawn of a new day. I like to spend the nights looking at the stars or an attempt to shoot lightning during a storm.
Behind a photograph of nature there is so much sacrifice, it takes much effort, the result is outstanding with so much beauty. Nature is our home and my photos I hope for my contribution to raising awareness of environmental protection. A very important theme for me!